Spring Break, Pt. 2

A week in Michigan feels like two weeks in any other state.

With so much extra time on your hands, not everything has to suffer.

The generally good part about quarantine has been the amount of family time everyone has received. We can focus on all the things we can’t have (which is not exclusive to quarantine), or we can find the beauty in the given. The best gift we can ever receive is usually the one we find the most difficulty enjoying: our families.

I have spent 20 days with my kids now, in a row, without air space beyond these four walls. Some days I feel like a hamster in a classroom of 1st grade children and its only week two of my existence, and other days I feel like we’ve gotten nothing but picturesque moments for the family catalog. I find myself laughing with my kids as they explore how language works, crying as I tell them one more time a place we can’t go until further notice, and cheering for them as they get ahead of me one more time on the race down our hill.

As much as I miss the idea of being in beautiful weather with a crew of students who have changed my life, I can’t help but notice my wife Megan kept her vacation time even though she has been able to work from home for two weeks. We have nothing but time to spend and love to share; how can I be distraught about that?

Even more, the people haven’t gone away. We’re sitting in our homes just like the barbecue sauce you’ve had on standby in the door of your fridge for who knows how long. I can’t stress it enough: make an effort to connect with the people who mean something to you. It is incredibly easy to wake up one day in the middle of lockdown and finally find yourself feeling a sense of normalcy, and then simply keep it to yourself.

I wrote letters to students all around the city this past week, making an attempt to prove they aren’t forgotten about. I was hoping the lines would settle somewhere within them, finding a home in their heart so they wouldn’t forget me either. I have been terrified of the unknown, just like everyone else, but I think my ego is more terrified of being forgotten, and to know and be known is the want of every person, no matter how big or how small.

No matter if another person ever knows me, however, my beautiful family won’t ever let go. And even beyond that, John the Baptist told me “He must become greater, I must become less.”

This next week, I have a beautiful opportunity to sit and be known by a beautiful God, to learn more amazing things about my family, and I can hope and pray one more student finds this belief something worth holding on to, and in between talks with their family they’ll watch some of the live stream we’re doing, or they’ll catch the show on Wednesday, or maybe they’ll just send a message.

I have so many blessings to keep me going…maybe I’ll be given just one more every day.

Give the little things the weight they deserve, because everything else will just weigh you down.

Stay safe friends.

Published by waveswavo

I'm a Dad, Director, Sports Enthusiast, and a lover of Jesus.

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