Introducing Josiah: WaveMaker

Welcome to the Wave. I’m your WaveMaker, Josiah.

I’m a Campus Life Director and Juvenile Justice Representative for Greater Lansing Youth for Christ, and I think more people should know about the awesome stuff we’re doing.

I believe the next generation will always be the next step in change, and my goal is to be a part of whatever God wants them to be. Hopefully its future leaders who think Jesus is central and who want to see their neighborhoods and homes changed for the better.

Sometimes it’s not that. And that’s okay.

Come be a part of this journey with me, as I find out new ways to connect with students from across the Greater Lansing area, and as God shows me all sorts of new meaning to the words “life,” “love,” and “Tik Tok.”

I’ll be updating this periodically, but if you want a more condensed version to pray over, send me your email so I can make sure to get you a monthly letter every month.

If you’re really interested in following up, what I do is for a non-profit that needs donations all the time, so please consider donating here: You’ll get better benefits that way, including my family and I praying for you.

That’s all I’ve got. Take a look at some of the students below that are currently a part of this journey…

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I'm a Dad, Director, Sports Enthusiast, and a lover of Jesus.

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